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  • storagelh storagelh Mar 9, 2012 10:36 AM Flag

    Almost bought back in

    Had the order in at 10.50 and it didn't quite make it. Its a shame that researhing doesn't pay off anymore. Computerized trading. Altr lowers guidance today and the stock spikes up. Makes a lot of sense. It just amazes me to watch the naz everyday. Its nonstop , and earnings haven't changed a bit, and the outlook sure hasn't improved on the business climate. I've really missed this one

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    • Shoot - post lost again.

      Perhaps later I'll have time to redo it.


    • Those round numbers will kill ya. I do like 10.55 so if the MM doesn’t wanna let it go down to 10.50 he can still make his few pennies.

      I don’t think this will end well either – we’re just not there yet.

      If you have the time to closely observe what “they” are doing you can still make some money trading.

      “They” being take your pick – the MM, HFT, whatever.

      True DD and holding a company for a while hasn’t worked in this market. And politics and thus money supply and interest rates have distorted the stock market, the bond market, real estate, commodities, etc, etc.

      It’s their game we play in. All a fella can do is observe what “they” seem to want to happen and piggy back on that.

      Whether they are pushing a stock or the entire market higher or lower.

      I am truly afraid of what this bunch are likely to do with getting us into more debt and coming inflation in order to get re-elected.

      Then again just like last election our selection will be poor it seems.

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