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  • davebugs davebugs Jan 30, 2013 12:11 PM Flag

    SPAM, buys today

    Come on folks. RFemember to ratge SPAM poorly and report it!

    I started buying back some trading shares sold higher @ 12.66 recently atg 11.15 this morning while I was out and added to JUL 9 calls at 2.50 and will likely add more of both if we continue to drop.

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    • Dave- owned the stock over a decade and sold calls for the last 5y or so, so I really appreciate your insight. Why the Jul 9's? I just bought 25 of the Jul 13's and sold 25 of the Mar 12's to lower cost, but what's your thinking with deep in the money? Thanks, and when is Chinese NY? Will Capex be more visable right away?

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      • I don't recall when Chinese NY is other than after our holidays when the sector is slow anyways.

        I'm doing deep in the money calls because KLIC can always move a buck or two either direction on no warning. On thinly traded stocks they really do seem to hit MAXPAIN a lot. I'm willing to put up a little more money to have little chance of them expiring worthless. I've been buying calls as stock replacement basically. And while originally mostly a play on the CC the other day I do prefer to got out a ways so I own a few. Also options often give you a look at which way the stock is likely to move so I'll buy a contract or two partly to see what's going on and used that as another decision point to buy or sell common.

        So I currently own KLIC calls for Jul, APR, & FEB's.

        We get under 11 a bit I'll likely add common and calls for after next ER.

        In the meantime I'll likely buy back small lots to buyback the shares I sold in small lots on the drift upwards the last month or so at a buck or two cheaper than I recently sold them at.

        You gotta remember the ER wasn't good, outlook wasn't good, couldn't literally understand a lot of the CC.

        The folks who pay attention to fundamentals are showing up and historically(back when they were a US company and had dept) this was the time to sell.

        So I'm still waiting to see KLIC's true colors under Bruno. So far no stupid moves - and that's a good thing. Just let that cash build. I don't want a dividend or a stupid aquasition(sp?).

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