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  • davebugs davebugs Nov 25, 2013 1:04 PM Flag

    2013 #$%$ stock picking contest?

    Will it be making a return? I hope so.

    I've already started my own with buying CY common and UTEK calls. Already sold some of the CY and the UTEK calls not looking so bad - basically even for now.

    Always looking for other tax loss selling candidates whether they win the contest or not.

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    • dcx where are you?

      My candidates (I usually don't pick one for the contest) are running already - see CY and UTEK for instance.

      I look forward to this contest every year - for what like a dozen years now?

    • Let's hope so. It's always a lot of fun.

    • Greetings, Davebugs. I am scanning KLIC looking to see if the stockpicking contest will be back again. I will be back later for it or sooner to see any reply. I hope all is well with you. I have been investing mediocre at best lately. Too many of my stocks got too expensive and I sold them leaving me with a somewhat inadequate allocation to equities. I learned many years ago the importance of asset allocation - then forgot it. I don't even know what my percentages are now, but they are not enough to get drunk on the recent rally, only enough to cop a little buzz. Is it better that way? We shall see.

      • 1 Reply to flyktning
      • Fly,

        Good to hear from you!

        Other shorts have come and gone, but you still remain the best I've witnessed!

        I'm back up to about 20%. The current political folks and those in charge of our money are setting us up to take many years to recover from their decisions IMO. Usually I'd have less than 5% cash as I usually buy starting mid SEP during tax loss selling and often have sold all or most of those purchases between 12/31 and income tax day.

        I've been buying CY and UTEK as tax loss plays, added a little more AWK(a safe investment) the other day. My favorite sector(lasers) and stock IIVI has really been bad this year. So I have actually underperformed the averages this year - I'm at about 20% right now including dividends.

        So what are you finding interesting? I've also still been trading INTC and some microcaps.

        I recently lightened up on some RPM and PFE as well since they have run well, near their highs, and I wanted to raise some funds hoping for tax loss selling candidates.

        So any thoughts appreciated.

    • Can you believe that rather than making these MB work better they spend their time blocking the word #$%$. ?


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