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  • STOCKDOX STOCKDOX Mar 20, 1999 9:20 AM Flag

    KLIC TER AMAT technicals and other mumbo

    KLIC has completed the right shoulder of a head
    and shoulders double top. "Double bottom" for some
    :-). Of all three stocks KLIC technically is in the
    worst shape.

    TER today tried hard to hold its
    support levels today couldn't do it. TER broke ranks
    today. I sold a few days ago figuring it would. I am
    glad to see I was correct here.

    AMAT is
    technically still alive. It is technically still in a bullish
    trend. This was the last of the three stocks in the
    group to go out of my portfolio. It was hard to let it
    go but experience and a hunch tells me it is going
    to join the others.

    B to B came out positive
    and the group went down. Do we call this a contrary
    indicator? Lehman came out with an upgrade on TER. The stock
    still went down. Analysts are saying that chip
    companies are doing great but the stocks are still
    suffering. Why?

    "KEEP THE FAITH" comrades. It won't
    make you money but it may make you feel


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    • You certainly have the right to express your
      opinion, Mr. DOX.

      However, (and I'm a world master
      at understatement) it's a bit a much when you jump
      on the word 'faith' as 'mumbo jumbo' and come back
      with a reply based on '...and a hunch tells

      To coin a phrase, "KEEP THE HUNCH" comrade. It won't
      make you money but it may make you feel better.

      • 1 Reply to Aurileano
      • I really didn't intend for people to get the
        message that faith was mumbo jumbo. I never said that. My
        point was, and I was being sarcastic, most people
        dismiss technical analysis as "mumbo jumbo" when the
        analysis doesn't square with what they want to hear. I
        haven't heard that on the board yet but expect to hear it
        soon. That's ok if that is what people think, I just
        think it is funny.

        Faith is something you have
        or don't have in God. It makes a poor investment
        tool in my opinion. A hunch in and of itself is a poor
        investment tool also. I agree. It was said light heartedly
        and wasn't meant to be taken too seriously.

        Finally, I posted my analysis on the board for all to see.
        That was the important part of my message that was
        utterly missed by some. Agree or disagree on facts that
        is all I ask.



    • I'm looking at the charts and you're right: Klic
      has some disturbing technicals. Faith is indeed a bad
      way to invest.

      But I'm also impressed how your
      blinders - call it 'negative faith'- are probably just as
      bad, if not worse, than those you criticize. For god's
      sake man, for the umpteenth time on this thread, look
      at the five year chart and look at early 1997: THERE IS NO BETTER EXAMPLE OF A DOUBLE TOP THAN

      But that doesn't count. Things are 'different' now.
      Faith and Soviets are ruling here and have undermined
      'the real story', epitomized by your

      I'm sure geniuses like yourself would have sold on
      the 'right shoulder' of THAT 'technical'

      And you would have advertised your lucid insight at
      that crossroads as we all could be just like

      Gee, guy, it's morons like you, without an iota of
      historical perspective, who always lower the playing field.

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