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  • rru2s rru2s Jan 31, 2011 2:43 PM Flag

    Heavy afternoon sell volume: macro or info leak?

    Heavier than normal sell volume after 1pm. Curious is this related to general macro sentiment and uncertainty with world news, or perhaps a leak of something related to AERL itself, perhaps interpretating last weeks news about the new VIP room simultaneous with closing of tables at another AERL VIP location. Or perhaps Stanley Ho's problems are creeping into investor outlook here.

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    • Today's voume was low, that is a fact. About 58% of normal average volume. AERL usually trades down when volume is low, that is no surprise. It will trade down on low volume with regard to whatever headlines are in the market that day, it trades in a world of its own.

      There is no info to base any conclusions on at this point other than the volume was low and as per usual under those conditions it traded down. Beyond that you are just blowing out if this and if that. The fact is that if my sister had balls she'd be my brother, and so on. Why pull bs out of your a$$ until somebody has a geunine take on what is happening.

      Myself, I think AERL is just trading back and forth just like it did at this time last month and the month before that until we gets some genune news. On the low volume days it will trade down and on the high volume days it will pop hard and move quickly. But until we get more news it will stya in this range, nothing more nothing less, other than these "ranges" keep getting higher and higher.