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  • drjackcar drjackcar Feb 8, 2013 4:35 PM Flag

    the word from on high (JP) on the move

    AERL had already moved to a new room at the Venetian months ago but the minor remodel (carpet) just didn't cut it with their clientele. (johnmassey is correct to say major renovations in the VIP rooms DID NOT TAKE PLACE) If LVS does a real renovation AERL might consider going back. The new room in Cotai has the advantage of a private table and room for expansion, AERL would not "be embarrassed to bring good clients there" as they were at the Venetian.

    If VIP continues to improve AERL will look at other opportunities in the downtown area.

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    • Export data from China was good the other day. Looking forward to when they get aggressive. I'm betting they move in to 5th room during the summer. Buying here.

    • It's great that Preissler is available to answer questions and Bain puts out so many notes on what is happening. But as far as communication w/ the press releases they do a pretty lousy job of giving the general investing public the kind of detail we need. I guess they really couldn't come out publicly and say the Venetian's VIP rooms are POS's because they don't want to embarrass LVS. But they could have done a better job of explaining the move.

      You can't be surprised about marketmoron's lies by now. First he lies about AERL being kicked out of the Venetian then he lies about the rooms being renovated. That's on top of about 25 other lies he has told. I read his stuff once in a while, the guy is a joke. You should ignore him, he doesn't understand the first thing about the company and just writes mindless babble for his own amusement.

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      • Ha, who's the moron? The guy that told you to sell AERL when it was 100% higher and buy MPEL when it was 50% lower then today? Yeah.

        Spin it all you want, LVS did renovate rooms at venetian, they just didn't car to please AERL, since they are such a small player in the game. They gave the big boys the nicer rooms! CONFRIM THAT WITH YOUR SOURCE!

      • Definitely agree with that. It would have been easy to say they moved because the new room is bigger and the casino it is in is picking up steam. They could have left out the part about the Venetian being a dump and Las Vegas Sands is concentrating on mass there. Not very impressed with the IR firm.

    • Just goes to show once again that marketmoron is a liar and has no idea what he is saying.