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  • Joe_Idyll Joe_Idyll Mar 30, 1999 7:38 AM Flag

    yet to throw in dough...

    ...because I have not dipped into the propane LP
    investment world before. I am a fairly new customer of SPH
    since I just bought a mountain cabin in Idyllwild, CA
    as a second home last summer.

    I have some
    interest in buying a propane LP as the yields look fairly
    good. So in general to the board I have a few concerns
    as a newcomer:
    - the industry looks to be acting
    like the REITs lately, essentially stock values
    drifting lower and begetting higher yields...certainly
    this season is a bust due to a mild winter, so I
    question what would be a catalyst for an industry
    turnaround other than perhaps: a harsh winter next year, a
    big turndown in the general stock market, or a Y2K
    panic later this year to spur sales (whether justified
    or not)...what is your opinion on this?
    - SPH
    seems to have a fair amount of negative buzz due to the
    execs leaving...those of you who follow other propane
    LPs, what are better alternatives in your opinion?

    Any constructive comments


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