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  • dcham222 dcham222 Jan 16, 2002 1:42 PM Flag

    Video store connection

    We recently, 4 months ago, opened a RadioShack franchise within our long established video store. Although we don't have figures to compare our performance, we are encouraged. The fit seems to be quite good. There has been general acceptance and cross-over between the two businesses.
    We are however, owner-operated and we think that's the difference between us and the Blockbuster experiment. They could not deliver the customer service on a level RadioShack customers expect.
    Good luck to all.

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    • I call em like I see em and RADIO SHACK SUCKS!

    • Actually, I think you are the bomb.

    • Sorry I don't do price comparisons on crap. Best Buy and Circuit City are even bigger stores full of consumer grade junk! I can just picture you right now listening to your computer chip amplified stereo with your plastic CD changer with it's 1 bit DAC hooked up to your Bose speakers that are about as accurate as my German Shepherd trying to crap on your head from a hot air balloon. At least Ultimate Electronics carries some high end audio, go there if you don't want CRAP. I bet you drive a Chevy Cavalier also and think it's the bomb.

    • If, and that is a big If, you had anything to offer about RSH overpricing, you would supply the board with side-to-side comparisons. Give us an example of what you can get at BBY or CC that costs more at RSH.

    • I agree--this is not expertise, although it helps to know the location of merchandise especially when the managerdecides it is time to rearrange the store.

      I define expertise as the ability to help a customer get the most out of his/her purchase by answering questions relative to the purchase and at least offering the appropriate accessories. The customer may refuse to purchase a needed accessory or may refuse to take appropriate advice, but whose fault is that?

    • Expertise? If you consider knowing that the fuses are located on the back wall an expertise then go pay 8 times what a fuse is worth at the Rat Shack!

    • radioshacksucksdotcom radioshacksucksdotcom Jan 16, 2002 10:37 PM Flag

      Yep, you're right "overpriced crap"!

    • radioshacksucksdotcom radioshacksucksdotcom Jan 16, 2002 10:21 PM Flag

      Nothing but a buncha overpriced crap and a fat guy that doesn't know how to wait on the customers!

    • Thanks for the information. This has been one of the more enlightening posts lately.

      RS does have higher prices than your neighborhood hardware store or some big department store, but isn't that what all specialty stores do? After all customers are also buying expertise as well. What good is equipment if the customer does not know how to enjoy it? If RS expertise is faltering, then whose fault is that?

      When it comes right down to it, you generally get what you pay for--Let the Buyer Beware! Those who think that RS charges too much should stay away from RS. But don't expect to pay a little and get a lot anywhere for any appreciable length of time. It can't be done. With the crap that RS and probably most other retailers pay their respective employees, we should feel fortunate to get what we get. Someone, somewhere is going to pay for it through the nose.

      Now that we have hopefully settled the problem of RS pricing policy, could I be so bold to ask if we could raise the level of this discussion? I would hope that we can agree to disagree agreably. But I would settle for the level of the gutter.

    • That's funny! The Rat Shack is SO BIG but it turns out the Rat Shack uses MCM as a supplier for parts! Gotta love that one! HA HA HA!


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