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  • ostramd1979 ostramd1979 Jan 22, 2002 6:30 PM Flag

    Hey RsSucksDotCom guy...

    Boy I wish I had nothing better to do that to write stupid posts on an investment board. It's obvious no one here wants to talk about things relevant to the purpose of this board. I wish Yahoo would ban people who abuse the priviledge of posting anonymous messages here.

    You are an idiot.

    And no, I'm not some RS employee, I am an investor in the Company. I wish there were more investors on this investment board. Not just a bunch of #$%$ morons who can't spell and use poor grammar.

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    • When all else fails, a person who resorts to hate monger tactics proves they are worthless. You are pathetic.

    • A corporation convinced against thier will is of the same opinion still! There are people of good conscience within RadioShack that must be uncomfortable with the policy. Thought Crimes Tribunals are being held in the Towers, Regional and District Offices. And they have better things to do I think. It's not just in George Orwell's '1984'. It's right here and now. The internet and Yahoo is loaded with disclaimers. Nothing here can be treated as fact or should be acted on as such. Every post could be fiction. 90% is just garbage at best.
      Real people of value were burned as witches in our not so distant past. I's time for an enlighted policy, because people of value can still get burned. Forgive me I'm still too H.O.T! It can not and should not be a outside force that causes the policy change. Put out the fires and heal the wounds you still can.

    • ACLU is a jew acronym for ANTI CHRISTIAN LITIGATION UNIT

    • screwed up company worthless poster

    • Some, including I, have posted what we have thought to be valuable opinions. However, you are correct that this board spends a lot of time(myself included) talking about non-investor related crap. Feel free to post someting of value if you like. You will get a response. If everyone(myself included) posted more investor related opinions, maybe this board would improve.

    • I wouldn't condem the board for the stupid, irelevant rantings of a few puerile idiots. The ignore feature works quite well, and there IS investor-related information to be had.

    • Some investors actually read posts on boards of different companies to get a positive and negative take on a companies future. It is a shame that only a few #$%$ seem to post here with NOT a shread of valuable information.
      If someone has information about this company it is rather obvious they will never post it here because of the low level of the posters. I know I'm wasting my energy trying to create a more informative board here but maybe someone will get the message.

    • You should sue them for hiring an idiot. That is yourself, of course.

    • Of course there are people out there that use the concept of Rent-A-Shack to the tenth degree. That doesn't make them right, nor does it make the return policy of RSH right. They allow too much leeway. Also, are you familiar with the stickers that are required by law in most states that notify the buyer that the product being sold is not new? At RSH they are called premium warrenty stickers. While I would be naive to believe that the law is followed religiously in all the stores, that is what is supposed to happen. I know for a fact that if I had ever bought an item that I discovered was a return, I would bring it back imediately. To any retailer. Yet, don't people routinly go to Sears, JC Penney, WalMart, Target, etc, and buy sneakers that have been returned, or a pair of jeans, or what is truly abhorent, formal party dresses that women rent for an evening, and return on Monday? Perhaps society as a whole just can't take responsibility and keep what they buy? Perhaps most folk are out to screw the retailers? Perhaps Gluboy will agree with me more often? Nah! Sorry Gluboy, just kidding!

    • Thank you. I think.

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