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  • starlight0054893 starlight0054893 Jan 25, 2002 12:29 PM Flag

    return item

    On Jan 1 I purchased a portable cassette player. On January 24 I took it back to the store. The person waiting on me inspected it quite thoroughly all the while scratching across it with his fingernail. He then told me he couldn't take it back because it looked used. At the time of the purchase he took the one I wanted off the shelf and took it in the back room so I don't know if the one he gave me is the one off the shelf or not. If it was it may have already had scratches on it and I just didn't know it. I object to the fact that he accused me of scratching it. The Radio Shack store I am speaking of is #22-C211 Radio Shack/Ben Franklin 24461 State Rd 35/70, Siren, WI 54872 (715) 349-5057. I had thought Radio Shack would care about customer service. I did not scratch or ruin this tape player I anyway. I am the only one who used it and that was one time. I resent the fact that this person accused me of ruining it. I have bought several items in that store in the past but I will certainly not go back again. I would appreciate a response soon. Thank you very much.

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    • What?... You make no sense Mikey. Do you and Sucksboy know each other?

    • Wasn't talking to you, ya piece of CRAP!

    • Dear Pillowbiter BCU1

      You pegged me right when you called me a racist.

      It seems as though YOU are not part of the human race...

    • For any who didn't already know, Mikey is a racist and is very sick. His leaving RSH is the best thing for the company. Any others who have been infected with his pathetic views on life are also gladly welcom to leave. Try and work for a company with a little loyalty and self-worth in the future Mikey. Pathetic loser.

    • Mikey said:
      "Radio Shack is the most untrustworthy name in retail electronics. Radio Shack is a backwards lookng company and at no time should
      any of this be construed as investment advice."

      Yet he claims to have worked for them for almost 30 years. Something is wrong in his feeble mind. Perhaps he has sniffed too many burnt circuits over his many years. That would also explain his bitterness and facination with pillows and biting.

    • aint gonna happen
      the japs all run the korean plants now any way
      because labor on their islands is way too
      the koreans will work like dogs to make jap shack crap
      if you really wanna make money open a puppy palace/radio shack in korea

    • Look, my point to the whole thing is not a private vs. name brand. The point is that the quality of the private label equipment had severly deteoriated. In the 70's when I was a teenager working for the shack, the quality level of the private label merchandise was very good. The STA-120 receiver had no comparison. Many of the stereo speakers had great sound. The only thing that lacked was the brand name "Realistic" which sounded, well, stupid. Remember the original name that RS choose for the private label was "Realist" but some camera company owned that which started a trademark dispute with RS backing off and changing the name to Realistic. Anyway, I think it was in the late 70's that RS started their own factories in Korea and went with a number of Asian (non-Japanese) manufacturers that really produced crap. Profit margins were better, but the quality really suffered. Anyway, I would have no issue with RS going back to private label, as long as they get quality Japanese manufacturers to build it and not the China/Korea crap that they have been selling.

    • You forgot to mention that they sell OVERPRICED CRAP!

    • Actually not too bad.
      Circus City is looking for a TV tech
      pays like 50 k a year
      Since I used to repair RCA (really crappy audio)
      I guess that qualifies me.
      Why should I though when I can stay home and collect unemployment and tease that little pillow biter BCU.
      Im having too much fun Ebaying all the junk I collected over the years any way.

      Hey I heard Radio Shack is hiring MITs !
      Man ,now that sounds like a great way to make a living...
      Reasonable hours , competitive wages, oh and a retirement plan second to none (ask Pillowbiter)
      Hell, they will give you ten dollars an hour after decades of servitude pushing junky unrealistic asian rim and tijuana electronics .

      Radio Shack is the most untrustworthy name in retail electronics. Radio Shack is a backwards lookng company and at no time should
      any of this be construed as investment advice.

      Radio Shack is rated by Dewe, Cheatem ,and Howe as a Strong Smell.

    • radioshacksucksdotcom radioshacksucksdotcom Feb 11, 2002 11:29 PM Flag

      What're the job prospects for laid off Radio Shack nerd boys?
      It seems that many nerds that were once repairable, are now disposable.
      More nerds for the land fills! Good luck nerd!

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