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  • timberlandko timberlandko Aug 2, 2002 8:20 AM Flag

    No more printed catalogs

    The word is the 2003 RS catalog will be CD only, and distributed just to stores, not directly to consumers. The initial version, which I have seen, contains no prices, only product pictures and descriptions (Supposedly to facilitate "Regional Pricing"). Navigating the disc is similar to wading around on the abominable RS-dot-com website ... sorta reminds me of frog hunting; you have to wade through an awful lot of swamp before you find what you're looking for. The Tower Twits seem determined to destroy themselves ... I'll bet there is a good deal of negative consumer reaction from this latest "Cost Saving" measure.
    I seem to recall Montgomery Wards ceased publishing their catalog not long before they created a bunch of huge vacancies in malls around the country. Fortunately for the retail space market, at least RS isn't a multi-thousand-square-foot "Anchor Store".

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    • I, too, belive the elimination of hard copy catalogs will be a mistake. I can't begin to guess how many RS items I've bought through the years, specifically because they "cought my eye" while browsing the catalog. I've often picked up a RS catalog and flipped through the pages, just to pass the time, but the experience on the Web is much different. ' is simply too slow, too cumbersome and too hard to navigate. There certainly is no effective browsing method.

      Besides, RSH cannot compete on the same basis as a BBY or CC, because they simply don't have the retail space to display their wares. I don't know about you folks, but unless I'm simply passing time while my wife is loose in the mall, I NEVER wander into a RS store just to "look around." Too small. To crowded. Too cramped.

      Perhaps I am very different from most RS customers, but that hasn't been my experience.

      Oh well... Just an observation.

    • judging from the content of mikes posts and the content of those he targets, one comes to the conclusion there are two categories here.

      1.Those that care about the company and hope someone listens.

      2. whiney ex employees.

      which has more credibility..... tough question of the day.

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    • My guess - one for sure, maybe as many as 4 - 5 are market traders - some as employees and most flaming seems to come from disgruntled ex-employees so as investment banter it is at best suspect. Also, employees can actively impact their 401K value by playing the market with RSH on a regular basis from within the 401K. Despite protestations of several aformentioned disgruntled ex-shackers, RSH 401K funds are not restricted like Enron - you can do a lot with them and I know several who have increased the value of their 401K by judicious attention to the market over the last year.

    • rsanon, agreed on the short life cycle items in direct competition with the chains mentioned. However, as to the BB/CC comparison, we have a strength that BBY/CC do not have - our depth of representation and knowledge in the accessory/ hookup lines. We are different. This is the area I fear will be harmed most by the vanishing "parts reference".
      It is common for me to hear Walmart/ Bestbuy/ -insert chain of choice- "sent me here for these cables/things/help" from a frustrated customer, two or three instuction manuals in hand, in total confusion.
      I could be unhappy that none of the items he/she is attempting to connect were purchased from me, even more unhappy they never even stopped in my store to compare these larger items prior to purchasing them.
      However, it is more profitable to smile and draw a diagram, sell them the rf modulator and a handfull of 42 and 15 series goodies needed to make them happy. Probably the batteries for the remotes too.
      The smart sales maker also takes this opportunity to get one of our catalogs in that customers hands. This is now my customer, and next time I will be included in the pre-purchase comparison. Timbers observations in this area are valid, there is a value in the customer stumbling across something they didnt know existed, but cant live with out.
      I have been reading your posts long enough to know you will see the logic in this reasoning. I've been using this practice long enough to know it works.
      Another reason I am still an advocate of a core parts/ product line representation in the physical printed form.
      There is something to be said for the effect of page after page of hookup goodies, representing a solution to seemingly every hook up quandry known to man.

    • rs, as I've said before, I appreciate and respect your position and your reasoned, reasonable postings as well. Though we seem to draw different conclusions from the same or similar information, it is both refreshing and stimulating to engage in a civil exchange of ideas, as opposed the the random flinging of flames and rants that is otherwise so common on these boards. I consider it an honor to agree to disagree with such as you.

      BTW - I often wonder how many of this board's posters actually participate in the active trading of securities. I suspect the proportion is rather small.

    • I think the print ability is an after thought - not something higher ups even wanted to allow but were cajoled into

    • Originally Posted By: alwaysellhigh
      Date: 08/03/02 12:27 am

      "Timber, please tell me I am reading your reply to rsanon incorrectly. I have not seen the cd.

      ... ... ... ...

      PRINT out the item in question???????? This must then apply universally? Are we now expected to print the thing in store?

      Someone please say it isn't so ... "

      Again, this is preliminary, and just as I understand it, but it seems the disk will be provided one-each to the stores, with quarterly updates planned to be forthcoming. No consumer edition is planned. I suppose the store could, at its own cost, burn a copy to give out, but the preferred means of information dissemination appears to be the printing out of the picture and description of the particular individual item in question ... again, at the store's own cost. Oh, well.

    • So tell us...How did you get to see this "intitial version"?

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      • Originally Posted By: rsanonymous
        Date: 08/02/02 09:21 am

        So tell us...How did you get to see this "intitial version"?

        Quite simple, really; a freind, who happens to be a multi-store RS Independent Dealer, "somehow" obtained a copy of the disk at the recent National Dealer Meeting. I have no reason to doubt the authenticity of this copy, nor to question the comments of my freind ... I am just relaying what I have seen and heard. My freind is somewhat dismayed at the implications of this move, and I share that concern.