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  • appendix_death_wish appendix_death_wish Nov 1, 2002 5:23 PM Flag

    Corporate fraud

    It's interesting to see that BBY is under the microscope for improper accounting practices. What ever happened to the baseless accusations of RSH doing such things, as posted by bizzy (bitty) and others??


    There is no substitute for a pervasive company in the American idiom. RSH will continue regardless of current market conditions and temporary pressures. Wishful thoughts of a decline in this company are wrong, it will continue on regardless of momentary hiccups.

    BBY=Silo Thanks for playing the game, but you lose. Only one company is in the consumers heart and minds, that's RSH.

    You shorts can continue to play your games, but in the long term RSH is money.

    Yeah, I'm long.


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    • Only on this board are those who present facts, figures, published press releases, and quoted analysts' reviews considered "baseless" and those with blind faith and no evidence considered wise sages!

      BBY=Silo? Wow, that's a stretch.

      How about RSH=Incredible Universe=Tandy Leather=Color Tile=Computer City=SWAS @ Blockbuster=Northpoint=MSN Center=Tech McDuff=RCA A/V products=The Jewel Concert=...

      Timber, did I miss any?

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      • video concepts

      • Originally posted by: bizzybyinn

        " ... Timber, did I miss any?"

        I doubt an exhaustive list would fit within the limit-of-characters-per-post for this forum, but a few you missed would include:

        Pier One Imports, the "Partnership" with ADT Home Security, Lance Bass, The Infamous Insider Stock Sell-Off, Len's "Due-on-Death-of-Surviving-Spouse" Loan, 66 Vice Presidents (including one whose function was to streamline operations), the California Lawsuit/O'Sullivan Industries debacle, "Off-Balance-Sheet Transactions", The Nascar Race Nobody Saw, The All-Star Game nobody won, The TV commercial which outraged the Trucking Industry, StarBand, the DirecTV/NRTC squabble, the cancelled Dog-and-Pony Show, Mlions of Dollars worth of unsaleable Radar Detectors, negative sales growth, increased long-term debt, the slide from first place to third (or fourth ... depending on whose figures you take) place among American Consumer Electronics Retailers, the performance of the stock, ... but why go on? The only "Good News" regarding RS comes in the form of Corporate Press Releases from Ft Worthless, and is generally answered with a down-tick in the stock price.

        The incessant squandering of assets and resources is just the way RS does business anymore. There is a huge difference between fraud and bumbling incompetence. Fraud implies cunning, artful deceit, and substantial planning and forethought ... qualities I do not see in The Tower Twits. What I find most amazing is that despite the combined blunders first of Roach's administration and now of Len's administration, RS plods along ... bloodied, a bit bowed perhaps, certainly less brash and confident than in days past, but essentially unbroken. I have every confidence RS will recover and rebound ... I just don't expect it to happen soon. Perhaps Edmondson's stint at Harvard indicates he is being groomed to be the new "Lead Dog". If so, and if he actually learns anything, this sled could get back into contention in the race. Until then, I remain quite comfortable with the prospect of profitability through shorting this stock.

      • Bizzy,
        Poor business decisions do not equate to corporate fraud. You have never substantiated any of your allegations. Finally, to look to Timber to back you up as he always states facts. Your technical analysis is usually good but much of your other comments are a stretch.