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  • oldrshcustomer oldrshcustomer Jul 28, 2004 10:09 PM Flag

    Why Shop At RadioShack Anylonger?

    I can find just about everything RadioShack has to offer at a cheaper price at WalMart, Best Buy, Circuit City and even Walgreens and Eckerds. Take for instance the MP3 Rio Nitrus. Wal-Mart sells it everyday for $185. RS sells it for $199. Sirius sells cheaper at Walmart than at RS. Cables, yes even the Gold Cables, are cheaper at the other stores too. Why go to RS to get the same product at a higher price plus get bombarded with Cell phone pitches. Well, they might as well start offering Ginsu knives at the front door too.
    Too bad to see such an old Icon fade away due to poor managament and very poor buying by young "Yuppies" at the Tandy Towers. They pay the poor kids are receiving is also very poor. Store Managers are even a bigger joke, but not as big as the so called District Managers.

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    • Here lies a fundamental problem. If a R$ employee would not buy the phone at the $hack
      are the FT WORTHLESS MGT team that out of touch to think that consumers do not shop around and price product. I have posted at the site that regional pricing needs to be put in play six mths ago explaining in detail the failures of the national players to do this . All of a sudden there is an article quoting dave as saying they are going to do this. From now on I quote nothing that can help the $hack. And if price comp to region does not happen soon you should just call the company $ell Cell $hack. And watch the company go slowly of the radar.

    • "...with more cool new phones like the Motorola 710."

      Which existing verizon customers can get for $100.00 LESS than at the shack when they upgrade. With the "new every two" plan that RS Management did NOT elect to join in on, existing Verizon customers get an extra $100.00 towards the price of the phone when they re-sign a 2 year contract. That means, that instead of $319.99 with a $70.00 rebate (mail in - netting to $249.99), they get it for $219.99 at the Vverizon store, plus any mail in rebates that Verizon offers.

      Now that many of the folks that got their last phones under this plan (which was new for them at the time, two years ago) can get the exact same phones for $100.00 less, where do you think they are going to shop for them? Customer service is great and everything, but it isn't going to overcome a $100.00 price difference. Not opting in to this promo is going to end up costing the shackled phone sales volume, which will cut into that double digit rate that is spouted around here so often, don't you think?

      I'll grant that the V710 is a very cool phone. So cool, that I'll be heading to my local Verizon store to pick it up...for $100.00 less than I can get it for at the Shack.

    • I-Pods are coming along with more cool new phones like the Motorola 710. This will help RS continue to grow in the future. The Blackberry lawsuit is meaningless and will not affect product availability in the US.

    • Thats a very honorable, but not profitable position. Of course we all want to TCF however the $$ for RS and Sales Associates is not in flux, fuses, double sided tape or portable liquor bartender devices. The big bucks are in cell phones which will continue to grow at RS at double digit rates.

    • "When RS gets Blackberries & I-Pods the stock will start to run."
      And RadioShack is once again behind on this technology by about a year and a half. By the time blackberries are offered, Samsungs new wave of cell phone will be available and the shack will guess what?....yup, be behind the times on those as well! Sell off the stock like Lenny did.. :"Diversify!"

    • "Thats pretty aweful treatment to employees I agree. Don't you have laws that protect employeses and entitle them to bereavement leave?"
      Not if you work in an "at will" employment state like Florida...They don't have to give you anything. It means that you can quit or get fired for ANY reason without notice.

    • Funny, Radioshack was selling in the
      40 to 50 dollar range selling caps,solder,
      doorbells. Now, Cell phones have been RadioShack's "bread and butter" for years, yet the stock can't get above 36 a share, do you home work friend before you call someone pathetic.....

    • sorry, I am tired of #$%$ off my custmers. I actually have new customers coming because they were told by friends that I and mt staff will treat you right and sell you the correct product. Thats what I want to be famous for..... outstanding customer service.

    • my bad........ been shack free for a year now........

    • Actually Texas has a law that allows the state court to appoint visiting judges

      you gotta know they dragged out some senile bar member that doenst have a clue and will do whats told of them ...

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