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  • mail_liaison2 mail_liaison2 Aug 9, 2005 2:15 PM Flag

    #1 reason for buyback failure-recession

    Re: The Gap....
    by: willjacobs101 08/09/05 03:58 am
    Msg: 74574 of 74578

    << Longs are in for a rough ride. >>

    Now that China no longer feels it necessary to buy U.S. debt to protect its economic growth, the interest rate "conundrum" bubble has been pricked. Rates are already beginning to move higher to reflect inflation expectations.

    With prices moving up and strong inflation pressures in the pipeline, the Fed has no choice but to continue tightening monetary policies.

    This has always been a prescription for recession

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    • Real estate bubble peaking and @the cliff

      american middel class is hanged for the final execution

      must read just released book by dr. Ravi batra who predicted soviet union collapse precisely 10 years ahead before nay one could figure out.

      now he says greenspan has hanged usa enterprise middle class for the bust and whole world economy has been put in jeopardy

      """greenspan fraud""" a must read