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  • cenigogondola cenigogondola Mar 27, 2006 9:14 PM Flag


    You're right spelling has always been my downfall.

    Now I prey to God that this stock won't be yours.

    I hope you are right and this stock makes you a lot of money. Being an employee at RS watching this stock go down everyday is depressing.

    Good luck.

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    • In message 19207, rshguystill wrote:

      " ... and we can all only aspire to be as eloquent as Kevin - aka timberlandko - LOL "

      I may not post here, or over on RSS.Com, as often as once I did, but I follow along, checking in on both a few times a week just to stay caught up, and I just saw that.

      Thanks for the props - and never fear, your secret is safe with me.


    • "Lickspittle?" #$%$ even I haven't heard of THAT one! You're one helluva writer!!! But then again, isn't that what you're paid to do?

      = :)

    • Dude! Another one!!!

      <Go on posting under various ID's and trying to establish your personel identity.>

      Is it "personal" or "personnel?" I'm thinking "personal." Try my suggestion I sent to dav850 -- run your post through Word, proof it real quick, THEN post it! You'll look SO much more credible and intelligent!

      Okay, NOW it's beddie bye time for me. Even half asleep, I can still proof. Although I think I'm getting all liquored up from port wine...

      = :)

    • Oh, come on xshaqinttown! Give me a clue! I know tates6 and rshguystill. Still curious as to who you are!

    • <I think your ok>

      PS - I think "you're" okay. It's a contraction for "you are."

      Again, proofreading in my spare time. And now, it's time for this proofreader to get some sleep.

      = :)

    • Oh yeah, I only have ONE ID! That's why it's been so easy for my fellow colleagues to figure out who I am.

      Hey, what did you do with your brother? (Putass) Did you chain him to the bumper of your trailer?

    • No, numb nuts! I was talking with Tates6! And I'm not on the brink of insanity. Although I've vacationed there once and didn't enjoy it at all.

      So what's with the change of heart? You really ARE blown away that I AM a female, huh? Yeah, pretty damn surprising.

      Maybe one day we'll bump into each other. You'll insult me, I'll body-slam ya to the floor. Then I'll pick you up, dust you off, and apologize for "briefly being on edge."

      Okay, go on and duke it out with someone else, okay? No harm, no foul. I DID enjoy exchanging insults with you! It was fun!

      Awwwwww...a happy ending!

    • Yeah, I'll bet you do! I'm sure you worked with some of his "clientele" at some point!

      Even on the world wide web, it's still a small world!

      Tates6 -- I figured out who you are. Great to hear from you! And thanks, one more time, for your wonderful words!

      The rest of you on this board who are sick and tired of this "social event" -- sorry, the stock hasn't been too exciting, this has been the commercial break.

    • Hey shacklette - might I know this other person as well? (tates)

      BTW - guess I must confess lindaloo was correct - sycophant is too good a word for him/her - so i did misspeak -lickspittle is more appropriate. Ah what the heck - how could he/she confuse a tall woman with a short man? Obviously overcome by confusion.

      And besides - what else are we gonna do for entertainment? This is all somewhat entertaining as long as it is kept in perspective - and we can all only aspire to be as eloquent as Kevin - aka timberlandko - LOL

    • Well, Well, nice little social circle we have here.
      Why don't you all just use instant messenger or something and we can get back to posting pertinent information. Jeesh !

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