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  • wlsmerlin wlsmerlin Jun 14, 2006 12:48 PM Flag

    Is today the day

    that we see the ol $hacktanic close below $14.50?? I think it very well may be. It is truly sad to see a once great company fall into shambles. But, the BoD anf senior management team successfully ruined what Charles Tandy built up. I hope that the honest, hard working people that tried to believe in this company find a better place to work quickly. IMHO, I do not think that R$ has too much longer, on the stock market or in business for that matter. June 19 is rapidly approaching, and I cannot figure out where the Golden Parachute team is going to come up with the money to pay for the settlement against them. And yes, I do think TR knows what is going on if he is who I think he is..............


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    • Even better was the SA1000, 2000,1001, and 2001. They really kicked a**!

      For small amps, before the SA150 was the SA100 and SA101- just as good.

    • Good God, I forgot about the 43-267 & 268! That's some OLD stuff! I'm vaguely familiar with the TDP plant -- I remember some file folders in the buying offices.

      Thanks for the info, kenros44!

      (that was a #$%$ good T.A.D.!)

    • 43-390(TAD 111) and 43-391 (TAD 112) were mad eby TDP. This was a Tandy owned factory in mainlamd China, and run by the (former RCA)office in Swannanoa, NC. The 43-267 and 43-268 cordless phones were made there also.

    • All this reminds me of my various stints with the Shack. I started with a strip store in Goldsboro, NC then moved down the street to the mall. Our manager was a retired AF Senior NCO who didn't take grief from anybody. Our DM, RM, & someone from Ft. Worth came in one day to visit and started giving him grief about his personal sales. He pulled his store keys out of his pocket and as the RM was about to take them, he dropped them on the floor and walked out headed down the mall. That's the only time I've ever seen a suit chase after anyone and beg them to come back. We were a million $$ store that year.

    • I remember one chicken walk, made me laugh for more than a month when it happened.

      Early Sunday afternoon, working a suburban strip mall store as a favor to a burned out manager, that had covered one of my shifts. Not too much going on, just had one regular in the house, chatting about radios. (I had just gotten my ham radio licence, and we were discussing R$H's lack of product line, in that given area) when this elderly lady chicken walked into my store, and SLAMS the bag down on the counter, and she SLAMS the box down on the counter, and she SLAMS the cordless phone on counter, and she SLAMS the reciept down, and calls out to me, "this blankety blank, mother effing phone you sold me isnt worth a hill of crap and blah blah blah.... She musta cussed me out for 5 minutes, and used words in at least 5 different dialects, to insult me, my store, the company and my family...

      Now, sensing this was someone's grand mother, I thought I might use a bit of finesse, to resolve this, and so I excused myself from my first customer, to tend to the old blue hair on a blue streak.

      I spent the next 20 minutes trying to get to the bottom of the old lady's issue, and learned the cordless phone she bought, was more than 30 days old, but wouldnt hold a charge. (more profanity about the quality of goods in the US market today)

      Tried to get her to look at new phones with me, so we could work on finding a replacement, (more profanity about my sales skills and the possiblity of her getting ripped off another time)

      I looked over at my first customer, who's about to soil himslef laughing at me getting reamed, by this old lady.

      I finally cut her off by saying, Ma'am, I would love to help you find a phone to replace this phone you bought that's obviously defective, BUT- (She takes a breath, about to rant anew...) the reciept states you clearly bought this at Wal mart, if you want warranty service for one of their products, you'll have to speak with them about it. If you're interested in a phone I can GUARANTEE won't fail for 3 years, feel free to look over the ones I have on the shelf, and I'll be with you in just a moment, when I finish with this other gentleman...

      I turned my back to her for a second and she was gone out the door in a mortified huff....

      We laughed till we cried over that...

      I was brought in as a middle grade sales rep in summer 94, then completed the MGR training by that GQ, then left almost four years later, when someone tried to accuse me of having too much R$H product in my home, late 98. Four years as a battery salesman to people too stupid to breathe was enough.

      In that time,

      WAs never lower than #2 in the district in sales.
      Had the highest test scores on every product knowledge exam given in any class.
      Was the only one in my training class, not to be awarded my own store.
      Consistently ranked highest in customer satifaction scores.
      Consistently passed over for wage bumps, time off, and other rewards.
      Consistently the one person called to respond to middle of the night emrgencies, family emergencies, and staffing issues in neighboring stores.
      Spent almost as much time training other reps on product lines from cell phones to computers to radios, as I did selling, and was never recognized for it.
      and after all of it... R$H has never given me a favorable recommendation, when someone calls them off of my resume.

      Thank god, I stopped needing them a loooooooooong time ago.

      The one payback i still get from time to time, is running into a former customer of mine, and hearing about how they stopped dealing with R$H after I left, or at least refused to deal with any of the oldtimers still there after I left becasue of the crappy way they treated me.

    • Check the SKU. Most of those old wood-grain models were true work horses. I still remember the 43-392 (retailed for $199.99). Wood-grain case, flush-mount solenoid buttons, remote access via keypad tones and a 3-digit security code, not a hand-held remote needed to produce the tones. Very "tech" in its time. Love to have one of those today, except I'd like the digital recording of incoming messages so I could delete the junk and keep the important.

    • I still have one of those old black TAD's bought it off the repair shelf when someone didn't pick it up for like $25 still works. I have one of the woodgrain ones too not sure if it still works.

    • Amen, Brother Tates! You and I remember those great days! I don't want to live in the past, but the past in RS was a great one!

    • Nichols was a scary mo-fo, wasn't he? I remember waiting for him to visit me when I was a store manager. By the time he arrived, I was so petrified that my voice just squeaked when I greeted him. I was running a huge gain YTD and nearly beat the mall store across the street in volume the month before. I was very kind to me. But I was terrified waiting for him! Heard every horror story ever lived!

    • Sorry, man, I retired it to The Great Landfill somewhere in Texas.

      I remember how similar the CBs were to the Cobras and know they shared an assembly line. This old T.A.D. didn't look like anything that I'd seen elsewhere. Wood-grain finish, chrome function selector knob (43-390 was a black knob), double cassette, had remote access.

      Any other older Shackies remember this one? Know if it came from Uniden?

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