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  • datbehardwork datbehardwork May 7, 2007 8:23 PM Flag

    From the Dell Board:

    Actually, very, very little talk, they're not taking it seriously.
    Best post was this one:

    Re: Should Dell buy Radio Shack?

    Even assuming that selling units at Radio Shack was a good idea, why would Dell have to buy Radio Shack? They couldn't just partner with them?

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    • If they partner with RSH, they will have support people worse than the support from India they now have.
      RSH employees are dumb as dirt for the most part.

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      • like bby is better?

        you know someways you maybe right
        someways you are wrong
        i am not a robot and the issue i have is that big wigs want robots
        look i dont ask poeple that come in "what cellphone do you have" i try to find out why thay came in the frist place
        i have a good repeat of poeple that will only come in when i am they

        i have gotting away in talking to most in a straight and forward way ,

        but with all i treat them the way they want to be treated
        and at times it does not fall into standard ways but i have the highest sales vol then anyone else in my store

        just my 2 cents