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  • tonyforgoog tonyforgoog Jun 5, 2007 12:11 AM Flag

    Why would Eddie Lampert buy this thing??

    easy answer... hedgies want to pump it up again..bunch of news to make this go higher. they want to eradicate all shorts. that's the only catalyst. rsh longs run out of reason to buy this name at this price..

    the fundamental doesn't matter. too many shorts..
    it's easy to push the price up here. funny... how rationale doesn't work.

    shorts just have to be patient...

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    • Sqeezing the shorts is always a strategy for some but it is a short lived plan. In fact, there comes a time when it is counter productive to drive the price higher without the fundamentals to back it up. There are only 23 million shares short out of 135 million shares. That means 17% of the funds could get lucky by driving the price up to sqeeze the shorts while the other 83% of the longs fight for peanuts because they can't find buyers at these elevated price levels. So really the game is now between longs .. which ones will get out and which ones will be left holding the bag with their jaws open wondering where their gain all went.