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  • datbehardwork datbehardwork Jul 7, 2007 1:38 PM Flag

    Maria B. on "AFTER THE BELL" said

    Maria was reading off a script that was put out by an option players service. They claimed the exact same thing.
    I think it was pure manipulation as Target shares rocketed forward and their options flew out the door, BUT the difference in that was the VOLUME on Target was nearly 4 TIMES daily volume.

    Here, RSH had ONE HALF daily Volume.

    I have shorted the Homebuilders for two years and I saw the same games being played as with this stock. Some of us just watched in astonishment at some of the death defying action took place, but in the end it all came out in the wash, those pretty angels that were making everyone rich turned into pigs when the party ended.

    Take a look at ANY homebuilder and you'll see it's within 5% of its' 52 week low.

    NOTHING is infinite.