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  • datbehardwork datbehardwork Jul 12, 2007 12:02 PM Flag

    What have I missed?

    Gold's up $7.00 an ounce today and silver is trading just above $13 an ounce, EVERYTHING is up except the US Dollar.

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    • This is Fed speak. Dow up big, precious metals up, dollar down. Tells me the Fed is printing money. This is a way of giving rate cuts to the rich while credit card rates remain high, and foreclosures remain high. Fed prints money, lends it out at low overnight rates to banks, banks have cheap money to lend out, lends it to the prime borrowers - the already rich. The already rich buy assets (they need assets because the dollars are losing value by the hour). As the assets appreciate against the falling dollar, the already rich sell assets and repay the borrowing. Fed has effectively put money in the economy without you or I having a chance at it. Oh by the way, stocks are one of the best assets to buy because they are so liquid and easily converted back to cash. What have you missed? You are not part of the already rich club. Rich get richer, rest of us get screwed.