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  • joltingjosephine joltingjosephine Jul 18, 2007 4:11 PM Flag

    Where are those 40 calls on RSH

    that were all the rage a few weeks ago. Too bad anyone that bought them will lose every penny unless you dump pretty soon.
    Man am i glad I rode this mania out. My short sell is finally in the black, and I am looking for 23 bucks by year end.

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    • The OCT 40 puts are doing quite well. Who the hell would have bought the calls?? The OCT 40 puts went from 6.30 to over 10.20 in only 7 trading days....

    • The 40's were Oct calls, and the 35's were August. 300k was spent on them at the bid. Although they could have been a headfake by the big ain't over 'till its over...

      Interesting today that most everything rallies at the end of the day but RSH could not.

      The current down move will not be over until the volume dries up. But, as some have suggested, a trading range around 30, because of options expiration looks pretty compelling tomorrow and Friday.

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      • So what is your point? The 40 calls are going to be more or less worthless in a month or so, especially if this thing continues to tank. Can you give me a reason why I should not believe that this junk will be in the mid-20's at time of the call expiration? Even worse for the 40's because their was a time premium most likely, and the more the stock fails to rally, the lower that time premium becomes!

        Fortunately I bought a few cheap puts to complement my short position, they are currently out of the money, but at worse, I can sell them for what I bought 'em for, at least for a month or so.