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  • joltingjosephine joltingjosephine Aug 16, 2007 9:12 AM Flag

    I covered for now, probably should have held

    looks like the stock will head lower, oh well, I made pretty good money on my short.

    When I saw it rise yesterday, figured maybe someone knew something regarding merger, etc. possibilities. Barring that it could go to the teens, would probably be reasonably valued around $16.00 from a fundamental viewpoint. I might even consider buying at that point.

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    • Taking a second look at a chart, look at the climb since January...this pig #$%$ stock has another $4-6 to fall probably. Hopes are diminishing of a turnaround and with weak retail outlook this pig is going to fall from the sky. You should short one will be buying this company out right now I'd say. Under $22 as I type...see you lower!

    • You should have covered your initial cost and sat on the free shorts maybe. Can't complain about making money I'd say.

      I think this stock/company are on a permanent downhill...there is no way in hell anyone will buy this company for anything more than $10 share and there's no free money floating around anymore. Whee!!