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  • bullanalyst bullanalyst Nov 16, 2007 1:15 PM Flag


    This radio shack by the Mall is packed. I think momuntum started increasing, even though we re not yet into holidays. Also, Xmas will be a blast. This Q will beat again.

    buy or buy higher

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    • BUT NO BUYERS : that is the problem.....

      all retail stocks are going down : today was a chunky day for RSH, mostly in the SALE SIDE... big slide on Monday...


    • Yeah, it was PACKED with shoplifters, people making returns, and lookey-loos.

    • You are by far the most optomistic (decieved) person on this board. Just a look at a few of your posts reveal that you are speaking rosy at just about every company these days. However, since we are on the RSH board I'll remind you of a post you wrote a few weeks ago.

      Dated 10.30.07

      "RSH has cross its 10-days moving average yesterday and today we has crossed its 20-day moving average. RSH will spike in value in these days"

      And later that same day....

      "RSH is on its way to its 50-day moving average. All indicators state: RSH will rise on price value. Pivot trend day yesterday. I hear $30
      Sentiment : Strong Buy


      Seems you were way off. Just like your post today. In one month from now, I'll remind you of todays post and show you that you are wrong. Go ahead and buy... heck dump your entire fortune buying this POS, and when this Stock hits the $10 range (which it will) I'll be the first one to say "I TOLD YOU SO".

    • They are ? Where are you ? The mall outside of Broketown, ARK ? Listen...I go and scour the stores here in the DC Metro Area. There are 14 stores. I visit them twice a week. Saturday, around noon and Wednesday, from 10am to 1pm. They have been EMPTY...with the exception of a few coming and going empty handed. On an average, for the past 4 weeks, Saturday saw 3 with bags over a 2 hour period. Wednesday saw 1 over a 3 hour period. Nothing big...all small items. Best of luck to you. Drink another bourbon...and dream.