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  • whynot327 whynot327 May 27, 2008 1:54 PM Flag

    I'm surprised DELL has not made a move

    on RSH.

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    • Dell? You can't be serious. I work in Round Rock TX, and we are still rolling in the aisles over the last round of RSH induced rumors.Let's see.....only 1/10th of the stores have the room to display or cell PC/Botebooks...The RSH employees know nothing about moving PC's or software or periphials..The store locations , generally, are in malls or areas where they are too close to major retailers (read that BB or CC)..The stores are run down, dirty , with no shelf space, no inventory space in the back room...the stores spaces are all leased spaces, with no controls on rent/leased costs..Dell would gain no location assets other than inventory that you can just as well buy on line...There are no new products coming out byRSH that replaces the lost margins of their sinking wireless (cell phone) business...The RSH brand means nothing anymore, especially to anyone under the age of 30...Dell really needs to try to move their product in those dingy RSH stores/location...the employees are totally demoralized.Other than all of this, it would really be a great idea for Dell to buy RSH...Yeah.They won't be taken over by Dell even at a stock price of .001 cents. The management time is not worth the trouble.Get your head oput of your #$%$

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      • Grammar police!

        "..only 1/10th of the stores have the room to display or cell PC/Botebooks. "

        If you want to convey something to someone else for consideration ($$), then you SELL it, not CELL it!

        Your creds just dropped 10 points here!

        Also, I am part of a company that just opened a R$ Dealer in a small town outside a large metropolitan area. The people here are VERY HAPPY that they now have their own RadioShack!

        Sure, there are some corporate and privately owned stores that are not well kept, but the company seems to be trying to clean that up.

        That doesn't necessarily translate into ALL stores being " down, dirty , with no shelf space, no inventory space in the back room."

        Are you under 30? If not, how would you know what is relevant? If you are, then your opinion doesn't necesarily reflect EVERYONE under 30! I have two grown children in their 20's that would dispute your claim!

    • Cant we all just get along?

    • Nice,

      Welcome to IGGY land... you are not substantive... just a mouthy droid.


    • Someone will & is.

      This stock is the cheapest it has been in 10 years.

      I can't think if a better retail outfit to get a load of that Gov rebate.

      BTW Goldman's conviction buy list does get 'er done... but first the bigs have to load. Someone liked it here today... over half million shares traded in blocks at $14.06. Too bad the specialists are such cheap jerks... hard on my head...

      Shake out the idiots and get the shorts to juice it up is the name of this game. Shorts not covering here are really pressing the issue. IMO

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