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  • nikm755 nikm755 May 9, 2009 12:25 PM Flag

    District Sales Leader

    2nd Highest Black Friday Sales (in the District)
    Consistently had the highest sales in the store
    Highest paid MIT in the District

    Demoted without cause and without notification (except from a paycheck).
    Then fired without cause and without notification (except from the schedule).

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    • heh heh heh

    • What a joke. Fired for no reason? You did something wrong and YOU know what it was. RM's and DM's fight hard to get their positions. They are not going to throw it away making idiotic decisions. RM's must approve DM's decisions. DM's must document everything. Documentation is studied carefully. Other poster is right, probably cheated and got caught or were poor at managing. Probably too focused too much on trying to sell instead of managing your business. Time to face the music.

    • You probably got the great results by cheating. Good riddance.

    • Depending on your age, you may have an EEOC age discrimintaion case against them.

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      • He should sue for deformation of character, age discrimination, loss of current income and potential income due to false & undocumented accusations.

        Sounds like this DM is a real character.

        I used to work at RadioShack and things were pretty much the same then.
        They'll never change. They almost always pick the bottom of the barrel for district managers. The people they select and place are never properly screened foe basic management skills and aptitude .

    • The key here is your statement, "highest paid MIT" in the district.

      RS has in the last few years embarked on a mission of firing and/or getting rid of the highest paid employees - managers, MITs, etc - anyone who has been with the company and draws more money than they want to pay out. Take a GOOD LOOK at senior manager pay. Look how much and how far its fallen over the past few years. Take a good look at how many managers, who REALLY have years of experience, are gone or who have been forced out due to years and pay.

      RS will continue to do this because they know they can get away with it.

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      • It's the same in South Jersey!!!!!

        A store manager fired without cause by a un-ethical district manager who simply wanted to place a friend in a profitable store.

        No previous warnings. No written documentation, no evidence of wrong doing. Just a district manager over stepping his bounds for personal reasons and taking advantage of an extremely bad RS management accountability system.

        Corporate then tries to disqualify the terminated employee's unemployment benefits based on the DM's documentation.

        The State finds that the denial of unemployment benefits is not justified and rules in favor of the employee.

        Something like this should be investigated by Federal authorities. It happens over and over in every RadioShack district throughout the country. It's costing the tax payer millions in lost tax revenue not to mention what it does to the individuals in caught up in this mess.

        Do you have situation like this in your district?

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