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  • rajoilprasad rajoilprasad Aug 17, 2009 5:10 PM Flag

    rsh screaming buy

    rsh is selling at 2.8 times cash flow. if u can buy any company for less than 3 times cash flow; its a steal. normally co with no growth sells for 4 to 5 times cash flow

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    • Yeah but there has been no consistency in their cash flow...has management been replaced lately?

    • You've hit it on the head. A mountain of cash in the bank and an amazing cash flow. What to use the cash for? How about a take over of Best Buy...rumors abound but don't say you weren't alerted here. Good synergy, more locations. Mgt is not blind and knows the stores suck but have been raising a war chest for a strategic acquisition that will meld well, and that spells Best Buy.

      Would they call the new company "Best Shack?"...who cares, it will coin money

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      • that would be the death of two companies altogether.

        If radioshack is bought out by bestbuy (although i see no incentive for bestbuy for this), then the shack shops are managed under better team.

        Can you imagine shack managers operating best buy stores?????

        Good god i will run away.

        Shack is better off alone with its specialty focus and neighborhood friendly faces.

        Management must also train their employees to be more professional.

      • Troll much?

      • Actually, you're the one that was hit on the head - your insane belief in a failing and fading business model is too funny. You should have SOLD your shares when the RSH shares were $80 back in 2000. What a fool you were to hang on as they decreased to under $7. Julian Day and the previous executives made and continue to make bad business decisions.

        LOL, in this economy, you're predicting sales growth when they couldn't even get sales in the last quarter with the advantage of digital TV converter boxes and the bust of the pathetic few sales of the Palm PRE phones and you are claiming it will increase over 6 fold to $80 by October - before the current quarter will even finish and have a chance to even report it's further declining sales - I didn't think even hillbilly's were that stupid but you must be a mentally challenged Kentucky hillbilly.

        You're such a hoot - just how much money did you lose from hanging onto your shares of RSH as they dropped down from $80 to $7? And you'll probably keep holding on while they continue to drop down and down for the last time.

        I certainly can understand your desire to pump the stock to try to recoup some of the value you lost out on but your claims are just plain moronic and reveal your desperation. Remember your claim that Julian was going to make an announcement back on July 20th that would move RSH above $20...hmmm, no announcement, shares are headed back down and RSH trying to claim their friends call them the Shack - what a stupid move. Businesses don't have friends - they have customers...and as pointed out in that LA Times article by a former RSH associate manager - the real nickname for RSH was Radio Shaft.

        So by all means, hang onto those shares and keep dreaming even as RSH finds new lows.

      • the fact that circuit city is gone itself is big time bulish for shack. they dont need to accuire best buy

    • Ok normally a company with no growth is 4-5x what about a company with negative growth potential? That is what is priced in here.