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  • bfe2412 bfe2412 Dec 18, 2011 5:01 PM Flag

    Maybe RSH management needs to take a lesson...

    from the Pier 1 people on how to actually MANAGE and RUN a retail business successfully.

    The local paper in FTW did a compare/contrast on Alex Smith v. King Julian over a year ago.

    Looks like 1 knew what he was doing and obviously 1 didn't (and his people STILL don't).

    Maybe Smith needs to be brought over to RSH and bring the company back.

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    • The key to BBY success is to private label everything with their own model numbers

    • A) Pier 1 used to be held by Tandy Corp. Boy things change.
      B) From what I hear, 3 of the top markets on the east have poor sales this holiday season.
      C) Remember when rsh went to something like $7.23

      • 2 Replies to formershacker
      • (1) Pier one was sold by rsh (then tandy corp) over 45 yerars ago, how is this germain to any discussion here??? Whats next Color tile? (2) "From what you hear", now thats a good one!!! (3) Sure I remember when RSH was in the low $7's very breifly during the depths of the financial crisis, I also remember WFC in the $8's and GE at $6#$%$ that same time do you think that GE is going back to $6 as well??? RSH didn't have a .50/sh divvy back then or $200 million in a warchest to buyback company shares. If you want to initiiate a short position right here in the low $9's then go right ahead and let us all know about it, of course my guess is that you have no financail stake long or short you just come to this board to rail on against RSH as a bitter ex employee!!! Have a nice day shacker, I hope someday you can get past your hatered of this company and get on with your life!

      • 1. Pier One was sinking fast until a few years ago when they brought Smith in to turn it around. The piece that the FtW paper did on it was very interesting and shows WHY Pier 1 has turned around v. RSH's failure to. Both because of leadership (or lack thereof). Again, one knew what he was doing (he has prior retail experience) and one didn't (no experience and poor leadership capabilities).

        3. The stock is headed that way again. The question is - how LOW will it go?