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  • wtb41 wtb41 Jan 25, 2012 11:08 AM Flag

    Pricing policy

    RSH's management might consider adopting J. C. Penney's new pricing policy as described here:

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    • But what would the Sales Associates do if they weren't repricing the store every ten minutes?

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      • Sorry, you were being sarcastic, for one poster called me disgruntled, and a corrected disgusted. My post still stands, for that RM might not have appreciated that we would take down between 250-450 (approx) tags ever Saturday, and then put up between the same. And then there were the weekly price changes which would be between 30 - 80 (approx)prices, and then the sudden price changes, and the batteries.

        To answer your question, they would be able to keep the store neat, clean, organized, and OH YES, help customers to make sales and themselves a better paycheck (maybe).

        Now that we have talked about the price changes, let us get into the plan-o-grams that don't work and keep those people who use packages that are a year-and-a-half old and have changed, their jobs. Let us move the item that we moved two weeks ago back to where it was four weeks ago.

      • They were falsifying a price match, so even if the price was the same, they would say that it was less somewhere else. Even if we were less, some associates would state that somewhere else was less; to make the sale.

        We needed to back-up the price match; ergo, a printed advertisement, or such, filed in the daily report. This is a reason why RSH store price tags would go missing, because a customer would take them and bring them to the corporate stores.

        And it is not repricing the store every ten minutes; the batteries were only as much as every two weeks :) Again, a regional stated on a DM conference call 3/1/10: "There are no markdowns. You do not change prices. I don't care what the law says. If an item is priced wrong, you do not sell it. I don't see why it's so hard to make sure things are priced right."

    • How about carrying the entire Apple line of products and discounting those

    • Speaking of changing its pricing policy, you might be interested to know that RS will soon be allowing price matching on cell phones. There are obviously some conditions here but they are realistic ones. I'm not sure how many new sales we will pick up but I do feel that this new ability to better compete will, at the very least, give us a response to those customers who claim that we are too expensive even when they haven't a clue as to the reality.