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  • syrianext syrianext Feb 20, 2012 9:17 PM Flag

    You just have to laugh

    Beta, First of all dave and kres are the same person, secondly if an original thought ever entered his mind it would it would definately be a first! Anyone who takes an objective view and knows how to read a balance sheet knows that RSH has a strong balance sheet and is positioned well not only for the economic recovery that has already begun but also is now coupled with Verizon which is the future of the cellular business! The question is wheather or not they will entertain a takeover, I hope (and think) they do because it will maximize shareholder value, however RSH will be back in double digits soon enough on its own anyway! Congrats to all the longs who didn't bail on Friday we will soon be handsomely rewarded with our shares in the shack!!!

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    • I guess quantity of posts makes up for quality?

      I think I really enjoy the confused and unfocused negative information. Even more amusing that they think they're making a difference of any kind. At best they're just scaring the small investors...this is just about how being anonymous online builds the ego.