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  • syrianext syrianext Feb 21, 2012 1:03 AM Flag

    You just have to laugh

    John, Pay no attention to dave,kres or sh!tshack they are all the same individual and he (she?) is a bashing fool! As usual dave is double counting RSH's debt(imagine that), we will find out tomorrow morning what RSH ended the year with both in cash position and debt, but basically they have about the same ammount of cash on hand as they have debt which is around $650- $700 million! The dividend is not in any jeopardy here as RSH has enough free cash flow even in a terrible Q like Q4 to cover the divvy without ever dipping into the cash reserves!!! RSH is undervalued currently and there will be a nice short covering rally soon, but the big play here (outside of earning over a 6.5% divvy) is the likelyhood of a takeover which will send our shack to $12,$13 or possibly even higher if there is more than one bidder!!!