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  • sonomaca sonomaca Feb 26, 2012 2:02 AM Flag

    Can't Even Go In Anymore

    Oh, I forget one: Give us your email and you'll get a $10 coupon (fat chance on that one). That's four, count them 4, separate solicitations. And it wasn't just yes or no.For example, I said "no" to the warranty. The clerk explained that she always gets the warranty on headphones, as they only last six months (she gave me a look like I was some sort of idiot not to get the warranty). She's also implying, BTW, that Skull Candy headphones are junk which will only last 6 months. I wonder how Skull Candy feels about that and I wonder why the heck I'm paying $19.99 for junk headphones that will only last 6 months.Next, I said "no" to the batteries. She again looked at me like I was some sort of #$%$ not to take the 2-for-1 battery deal. So, I've been insulted twice now in the span of 2 minutes. Nice way to treat your customers.Then the iPhone. Just as she started into some pitch for the iPhone (or, worse, yet, a third reference to my utter foolhardiness for not getting an iPhone right then and there), I cut her off. "I already own one and I've got to go now."What a nightmare experience it is to visit a Radioshack these days.

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    • Worst post(s) of the day award go to you.

      You're either an idiot.....or you're an inarticulate of the two. I also do NOT believe that a RSH employee told you that their headphones are junk and only last 6 months.

      Do you think that retailers should not attempt to plus sell? Do you think they should not offer extended warranties? Do you think they should not attempt to get your email address? Wal-mart does all or most of those things. Amazon does the same.

      Your points are affirmations that RSH actually still does have some good employees and some that understand retail.

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      • Really? Last time I went to walmart for a set of headphones, they were cheaper (I know you can't believe that) than RS for the same pair, I took them off the peg, went to the self-checkout, swiped my card and walked out the door. Nobody has ever asked me to buy a cell phone at walmart or wanted my email address.

        That RS employee was in fear for her job. That is the threat they are under. Pitch 3 things or get out. And yes, they must attach 50% service plans or they're fired. The "you're crazy" look was an act of desperation since she was probably only at 40% this month. When you have a work force that is constantly threatened to do things, not because they benefit the customer but because they benefit the company, you breed a culture that is full of people like this. They hate their job, and hate their company for forcing them to do these things that they themselves would despise if they encountered them while shopping for a simple set of headphones.