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  • yanksgiantsjoe yanksgiantsjoe Feb 26, 2012 10:50 AM Flag

    Can't Even Go In Anymore

    sono i dont go myself, dirty old stores, outdated by at least 25 years !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

    • I used to enjoy browsing Radio Shack in the past, but now I am filled with a sense of trepidation as I approach the counter to buy. I am going to say that Radio Shack is the single worst customer service experience I have had in quite some time.

      Best Buy offers the warranty, but it's not in a forceful, emotional sort of way like Radio Shack. The cashiers obviously aren't under pressure to push it. Of course, I hate the way Best Buy treats every departing customer like a criminal.

      Walmart can have long lines at times, but in general it's fairly stress-free. Costco is awesome. The lines move fast and there aren't any pushy cashiers.