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  • kresl98 kresl98 Mar 15, 2012 3:49 PM Flag

    Just talked to several RSH stores-They will not have Ipads

    They will have no Apple Ipads at any branches for sale. I was told they are pre order only.

    That counts out the Shack for Fridays hype and cash in.

    Call around. I called several of the biggest shacks in the nation....same answer at all locations.....pre order only.

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    • CHIT,

      I already have your cash. Do I intimidate you that much that you cannot read...lmao. Really.....Ok.lets review again.I know your a bit slow being all flustered losing your cash...well to be fair depositing your money into my account.


      here you go

      See the message title>....A NEW SHORT.......I was and am as you know still a nice large position at at wonderfully much much higher price than we are at now. The thread states......NEW short....aka daytrade. I would have thought you could Use your 5th grade education and figure that out. If you get a NEW SHORT WHERE IS THE OLD ONE ?....BINGO brainiac...lmao

      Then to make it simple for you I even called out my cover....a sweet 20 cents lower I might add..thanks for the extra cash that day I might add.

      All so simple for those who can see straight and not red as I know how angry you and and your many made up alias are.

      Stay tuned.....I have big plans to take more of your cash this week. Might even call out a few trades for you just for giggles...hows that?

      OK....we done? You had enough of that trip down memory lane making you look stupid?

    • Kresler, just explain what are you doing on this message board after you claimed you covered?

    • Mindless chatter........good one. I would offer your 14 pages on nothing but Radio Shack posts would be that definition. I allways like to chat with folks whom I now have there funds in my account. Thanks for the deposit undiversified one.

      Man your one diversified savey investor !! lmao.

      You pumpers are so easily distracted.

    • You sound like a high-school teenager (age 13-15) talking on the telephone. Nothing more than mindless chatter.

    • CHIT.

      Congrats are in order, You have finnally broken onto your second page on your alias number who knows.again congrats. A whole page filled with nothing more than a focus on me. My my how your so intimidated at my factual posts. My my how you like to over look my stellar trading record. Thanks for reminding me of that beautiful daytrade that day. I called it out for every one of you every step of the way. I think that was the trade that forced you into a tizzy as I took your money and you came up with this chit handle....oh such a fond memory. Its fun to daytrade this baby nearly every day as it just the gift that keeps giving. All the while my core position just keeps paying day after day.....from your account to mine. I wonder, how much did ya lose Friday...lmao

    • Kresler, nobody can beat your record of posting nonsense messages every second. You should be nominated into Guinness book of the world dumbest records. BTW what are you doing here? You claimed few days ago you covered at $7.01. Just admit that you never even traded any stocks in your life

    • are now up to 5 posts...woooohoooo... Was this alias created just to lie?

      Really.its shows the desperation of the lengths these underwater longs go to to try and salvage this horrrible investment. Every day..mopre and more alias.....keep em coming mr losing your money.

      I started this thread after some research to show just how screwed up this company is. I called 2 Best buys. They both were going to get 8 units each. case. They sold out in the first hour. RSH being a second tier retailer dd not get any..maybe because they are cash strapped could not afford them.

    • Basically the lack of product is correct. One store, a mall, in my area got 10. We got three, and three or four others got 1 or 2. The rest got nothing. To those who would deny this, please get your heads out of the sand. Our DM had frantic conference calls yesterday and stated that everything had to be sold on Fri. or there would be no replenishments. And at any rate, once the initial outlay of a handful is gone it will be quite while before any more reappear.


      Ok, go onto and look at the Ipad product and use the link to whwere you can find store availablity in your area. Put in your zip code and click on it. What you will find is there ISN'T ANY. NOTHING. All you will find is "ship to store" availability.

    • Radio Shack, or as they want you to call them, The Shack, is now selling the New iPad! They are one of the handful of retailers outside of Apple’s website that are selling the new hot gadget.
      There seems to be a small catch though. Apparently you have to purchase a $50 gift card from a store, then turn around and use that gift card to purchase the iPad. Kinda backwards I know.
      RadioShack began selling Apple’s tablets a little over a year ago, shortly after the introduction and launch of the iPad 2. The company has been one of Apple’s retail partners since late 2009 when it began selling the iPhone 3G and 3GS in its stores.

      The retailer is also among a handful of companies offering trade-ins for old Apple tablets. Such services have reported record trade-ins for Apple’s tablets since yesterday, with most of those being the iPad 2, a gadget Apple released less than a year ago. Unlike some competitors though, RadioShack’s system lets people take in their device for a trade-in at the same time they’re making a new purchase.

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