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  • longtimefollower longtimefollower Apr 8, 2012 1:47 PM Flag

    Excluding 1 time charges in 1996....

    ...RSH has been materially net profitable, for every year, going back at least 20 years.

    At $6, this is a huge overreaction.

    Hold it for 1-3 years, and watch it go back to $15-20, at least, and quite possibly $20-25.

    They've dramatically reduced the share base over the last several years. That gives them the ability to readily earn at least $2 in EPS, at the peak of the next cycle, possibly more. Hence the $20-25 eventual target.

    Buy it and stick it in a drawer. Keep adding, gradually, until you've doubled down, if something crazy should happen, and it drops to $4. (You never know.)

    Meanwhile, we could wake up, at any moment, and find someone trying to steal this great "brand" at, say, $10 a share.

    Markets are so stupid in the way they overreact. I should be happy for the opportunity...but it's so hard to not be derisive towards the "sheep" that loved this thing at $20, but hate it now at $6.

    I have a small position equal to 1% of my portfolio. It probably should be larger, but I'm king of waiting for a bit of a further drop, or a technical sense that we are "bumping along bottom," before buying more aggresively.

    I don't care what the earnings reports look like, or what the Street is saying, or any of that any more. The balance sheet, and financial and operational history scream "buy" here...even if it goes to $5 before it goes to double digits again.

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    • I feel like I just read the script to the sequel dum and dummer 2. It reads like a whine of a beyond underwater investors without a clue of investing in fundamentaly sound companies.

      Folks, when you read posts that say a company used to be one price and it will go back get ready to break out the tissues. To start crying or the case of the underwater`s they continue to cry...In my case I continue to laff at the stupididty of the posts. RSH has been profitable before....hold it for more years and and stick in a drawer....forget about it..I dont care about earnings reports...lmao!! Its easy to see you dont care about earnings will......oh yes you will...or should I say you have. That blithering posts is about a complete picture of what not to do in investing. Thank you for that example. Big reason why folks like me continue to make money and folks like you continue to lose it.

      Where do these clowns come from? many freakin ip address do you have?

    • I like your prospective on RSH. I bought RSH for the wrong reasons at $7.16. I'm new to investing and when I saw that Trefis thought RSH was worth $14.00 I bought without looking too much into financials or chart reading.

      I'm trying to learn more about stock valuation but it seems a majority of the posts on this board about RSH are banter between people. Senseless promoting of the stock or buyouts, or reverse flaming of the stock.

      I personally think that price I paid is fairly representative of the current worth of the company. Unfortunately for me, RSH is not winning the "market" popularity contest.

    • Longtime, Please don't confuse our bashers here with the facts as their feeble minds have a tough enough time coming up with the lies and misrepresentations that they deal in!!! Your point however is well taken and correct, with RSH's expansion into S.E. Asia and their competition taking hits here (BBY will close 100 large wharehouse stores and Amazons already miniscule margins will come under more extreme pressure with the various state tax inititives over the next 12 months) RSH will weather a couple tough Q's and come out of this a tougher and more profitable company, and going forward as normal earnings return the SP will refect that value! With that said I still think that private equity will step in and buyout RSH before the turnaround happens! Talking with someone who still works on Wall Street, I got the impression that he was of the belief that at least one private equity firm was involved in short selling RSH shares in the hopes that a depressed SP would give them more leverage in a buyout! I hope that he is incorrect since from a moral, ethical and perhaps even a legal standpoint that would stink to holly he11!!!

    • We're selling at less than 3x average annualized historical bottom line EPS, from the 4 prior years to the nasty 2011. Is that warranted?