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  • kurlabr kurlabr Apr 24, 2012 2:49 PM Flag

    This will be a private equity takeover! DEFINITELY!

    Private equity can afford to do this deal, and with all the cash on the books and positive annual eps and cash flows, tehy can even use it for more leverage to purchase other companies. they will buy it, put in their own management, and in a few years reissue it stripped down without the cash but a whole new future. This is just like Burger King, Toys R Us, and a ton of other deals. This stock will be bought out at atleast $10/share in next few months. So is it worth investing in with a current 8.5% dividend and 50 % takeover premium not included in this stock with a tangible book value over $6/ share. YES!!!!!!!!!!! Screaming buy! Escpecially on down price action today.