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  • tarheeltrader1 tarheeltrader1 Aug 28, 2012 3:51 PM Flag

    green close

    looking great

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    • Work4-I did ignore you posts, for I felt that they were immature, ignorant, a waste of time, grammatically incorrect, poorly spelled, demeaning, abusive, etc, but I wanted to see why others were posting against/about you negatively since I ignored. Your last post shows more so as to why.

      You should learn what punctuation marks are, for after the "YOU" and "SO", you should add a comma. "LMAO AT YOU ALSO", should have a comma after the "YOU". This last remark of yours, also, shows that you state this with the majority of you posts.

      Work4, why don't you just give me you parents phone number, so I may speak with them about how poorly they raised and brought you up. A little boy who only gets relief by belittling and demeaning others. If you have made a "NICE LIVING DOING IT", then you can afford good psych consul and education.

      Keep bashing others to build yourself up, or better yet, look yourself in the mirror.

    • Sorry, but green and RSH are mutually exclusive. Dream on, baggie.

    • Don't be surprised to see shorts dump a large number of shares just before the bell to close it in the red. That will keep the on balance volume trending down and dishearten stubborn longs!