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  • mikeywalson mikeywalson Sep 30, 2012 11:08 AM Flag

    Benjamin Graham LOVES stocks like RSH: Cash + inventories - debt = $5 per share

    Their inventory is made up of very liquid smart phones....that's what you guys dont get... galaxy s3 iphone 4s droid razors htc one x... these can be transported and resold anywhere in a week.. ebay, amazon, walmart, target, bby, or back to carriers... which is where they came from in the first place.. this is why they will be eventually bought... bby or target or amazon sells the exact same stuff....

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    • I guess you never went to the Shack when the ipad 2 came out. They never put one in the stores until 90 days after it hit the shelf at Best Buy. Had you done a shred of investigation you would know this rather than blowhard on and on. They dont even have 5% of inventory of smartphones. Verizon only keeps a small amount in stock..they are dropped shipped(overnighted) when needed. Get a clue and do some research before opening mouth.

    • Mikey, you clearly know nothing about this company. The average company owned store carries ~ $110k (at cost) in inventory. Of that, at any given moment, less than 10% is smartphones. They starve their stores of phone inventory. Most popular devices are 1-3 deep, in the bigger stores maybe up to 5. Why? They refuse to use their cash to write POs so the money can stay on the books to keep fools thinking they have cash. Last year, Sprint launched the iPhone on oct 14th. Shack didn't have a single piece till mid-December. The device was in very plentiful supply by late October. Why? They didn't have the money to write the POs. They missed a very significant launch because they won't spend on the proper inventory. And when they near BK, that stuff won't be sold to the highest bidder, it will be the "all smartphones free" fire sale.

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      • Right right right... 51% of their business is wireless and its just 10% of their inventory... you sund very stupid, you know.... majrity of acc. payabe is to carriers for phones... and you claim 10 %....

        Listen.. I am just a deep value investor that will eventually double my money... you people are misguided ex or current employees that are hateful and vengeful at the least...