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  • xjtomcat xjtomcat Oct 18, 2012 11:47 AM Flag

    store space

    Microsoft needs store space. Fastest way would be at radio shack stores.

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    • Please do your homework before you post. This makes no sense based on current reality and past history.

      1) MS has no reason to want to assume both the terrible leases and debt load that RS has.
      2) MS can lease their own spaces where THEY want them, not in rundown 1970's shopping centers that RS is in.
      3) Landlords are itching to lease due to the economy- they will cut way sweeter deals with MS for new leases than what they would get on RS's deals negotiated 5-10 years ago.
      4) Either way, MS would have to build out new stores- why would they want to add to that burden by having to liquidate a bunch of worthless RS inventory?
      5) This has been done- check your history books. MS put a kiosk in every RS store. It failed miserably. MS hardware, software, and services. The kiosks ended up in the dumpster after a couple of years.
      6) MS is no fan of RS and would rather see them disappear. Again, check your history books for how Tandy/RS screwed the then young man by the name of Bill Gates. It all started with the OS he wrote for the TRS80. Makes a good read- go check it out.