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  • imarat21 imarat21 Oct 21, 2012 10:08 AM Flag

    Went to the shack

    They're adding more "good" stuff, but what's the sense if the employees get punished for selling it and also the employees have no clue as to what these new items are?

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    • My sense is that they are under a lot of pressure. I really feel for these people.

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      • Hey there! I'm back, and much saner, thank you. Talked to some really good people for a few days, fellow ptsd'rs, and everything makes much more sense now. Really! And you're right. Psychotic amount of pressure. Half the managers are getting crazier than I was! Whenever anybody finds a job, they just call the DM aand throw the keys on the desk Man! It's just incredible!

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      • I'm back, and feeling much, much better, Thanks to all. In any case, you're right. They are under absurd amounts of pressure. My old Assistant Manager, luckily for him one of the most emotionally stable people I've ever known, says half the managers are considering suicide, and the other half murder. There is no one above the store level with a brain in their head. It's like somebody gives them a hundred dollar bill if a store's numbers go down and tells them to go scream at the employees some more. It's just...insane!

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