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  • railroadxxx railroadxxx Nov 13, 2012 4:46 PM Flag

    Today's poll on Yahoo Financial

    Best Buy holds its investor meeting today. The stock is down 40% in a year. Will you visit a big box store this holiday season?

    Yes, just to look (12681)
    Yes, to buy (20795)
    I have no need for them anymore (24997)

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    • Hi Railroad. Nice to see you post. It's been a while.

    • And if in fact you needed to buy electronics would it be Best Buy or Radio Shack?

      The answer is easy. RSH is no longer needed. They are getting loans because at the moment they are current. When they miss one payment its over. Underwater heavy in debt companies close. Its not rocket science kids.As railroad points out its a change of the guard. Most houses no longer have a land line or a tv antenna. No need for a Radio Shack.

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      • I think the real message here, at least for those who took the poll, is that almost half of the respondents are simply not interested in BBY. I would assume that means they are going online and this is a trend that can only continue to grow.

        Plus, there is also a point of consumer saturation or just having all the electronic toys one needs. What new must have gadget has appeared lately that is a real market changer? Both Android and Apple seem to be improving their systems in increments. Microsoft is apparently running into resistance with 8 and overall consumer computer sales have been declining. There is nothing new at the lower end in either cameras or GPS units, two categories that are on their way out anyway. TVs? Their accessories? There is little to nothing there for RS or BBY. Audio? Today's youth use their phones and earbuds. A $200 pair of Beats is not going to keep a store in business, especially when online they are substantially cheaper. Better selection of colors too. :)

        All of this and more merely shows the direction that retailing is taking. If it is not online that is killing the traditional stores then they must also deal with killers like WalMart, Costco and even those ubiquitous kiosks in every mall that sell more case covers and other bling than BBY or RR want to know about.