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  • sync2l122 sync2l122 Nov 23, 2012 6:21 PM Flag

    Black Friday a huge success for RSH.

    Lines outside many of their stores and registers are ringing, Looks like a big rebound is coming!

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    • What a poor imposter you are of the best most acurate poster on this board the famous sync 21l2 not your corny ripoff sync 2122. Unlike a idiot investor like you that chap has been nailing it for a long time on Radio Shack unlike your money sucking dry posts. Have I put you in your place biggestloser?? Have I?

      One last question, does it anger you ole Sync has taken your money and then calls you out as a fool? I bet it does

    • uh, I don't know what you're smoking, but the store in the mall near me wasn't busy at all. TONS of people in the mall (I got dragged there by the wife), but hardly anyone in RSH. I wandered in just to see and the SAs were playing on their phones; didn't even notice me. I said something to the manager and he said since there's a BB across from the mall, people were heading there. He had to open at midnight but because of a screwup in the ad in the paper (it said stores would open at 8am, not early), they had people walk out because they couldn't honor the sale prices. Course he was also getting a rash of crap from the DM cause he wasn't hitting the #s...