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  • orlando333444 orlando333444 Nov 25, 2012 2:34 PM Flag

    There are two kinds of companies. Those with problems and those that are going to have problems

    Apple trades at almost 5 times book value where the book value currently is 125 dollars a share. They earned 44 dollars a share in one year. Lets just say nothing bad happens to Apple in the next ten years. Then it would take 10 years of earnings added to the current book value to meet the price it is currently trading at. Amazon makes 8 cents a share and is trading at almost 15 times book value.
    However, Radioshack is trading at almost 5 dollars below book value and has been cash flow positive all quarters except one. I think they have time to work things out. I hope the board will get the right CEO. I am not saying the stock won't go down further, but it does not make any sense that it should trade lower. I know the market looks into the future but this crazy. Give them a chance. I love comebacks and I am hoping for one in this company.

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    • Book value and all other fundamentals means nothing to Wall Street sharks , when they want to buy stock from investors and when they sell short to investors and when they want to do what they want to do . In this Bussness they are Kings and they do what they pleased ! With RSH , they have done 80% per cent drop in price and they scare many people , do not believe that this company is going bankropt , they are selling Phones and computers and toys and they are not going under !!!!
      They can take Apple from 710 to 586 and they can say what do you expect us to do , you want us to lose money , no , we have to make money , we sold short , we now cover our shorts , that is how we are going to #$%$ !!!

      Sentiment: Hold

    • Good observation, Orlando. Unfortunately, this forum is loaded with minimum wage bashers and a few former RSH employees with their many aliases who were terminated for incompetence. This is a value stock and when it turns there is a huge upside. Good luck!

    • Own aapl. I have zero confidence in rsh.

    • Your whole message revolves around one principle............"you think"__________So far the entire investment community and shorts have based its moves on the financial statements and forward guidance along with the CEO`s own words now 2 years and counting. Its easy to see who has won this path. In the end you are a bottom feeder and a gambler.Your reliance on numbers like book value shows you have no buisness investing. You are gambling the 8 track player will make a comeback. Educated minds know better. All who think like you have deposited unreal amounts of cash into my account. I lie deep 6 figures in profits from the easiest investment in my life. All because I read what the company released. I really enjoy the daily deposits they send my way and the spirited fight these kids put up before they dissapear after they can no longer take the financial punishment. To close our lil convesrsation...........I will be placing you on iggy now. Since I have read those silly words at least 300 times so far this year only to watch the posters vanish I hit the iggy button when someone gets to the Apple and Radio Shack in the same message. Good luck gambler.