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  • davebu109 davebu109 Dec 20, 2012 11:10 AM Flag

    1st day of trading Jan 2011 RSH $18.68-Jan 2012 $9.93-Jan 2013 $2.

    Jan 2014........GONE

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    • Listen, dave.. all you post on is rsh.... this means you are obsessed with the stock... beyond some normal investment ... it is so obvious you are a disgruntled former employee.., fired ..... let go..... how childish is it to hawk yourself on an anonymous board to feel some form of significance or gratification... for being FIRED...

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      • you are right...I am obsessed with rsh.......been so since 14 bucks.........been wonderful.... seen and dispatched so many like you aver the last years.......been very enjoyable actually. i get such a charge out of rookie investors like yourself that focus on the posters and not your joke of a broken stock.....i totally and completely own you and control your every move...come on some thing sharp for fun when you attempt to post zingers when in 60 days or so RSH will post another dismal quarter adding more of you money into my account. come on puppet.....give us some witty

      • Why shouldn't Dave gloat? Most of the people fired or run out of RS were highly competent employees with years of valuable experience. And look what is left? So who turned out to be right in the end? The title alone of this thread says it all. Down, down, down.

        i bet Dave's wishes he could win the Lotto, wait until the stock reaches $.15 or so, buy a controlling interest in the company, and then fire every one of the fools that came in with Day and Bevens with a YouTube video showing who they were and how they ruined a former major icon in the consumer electronics business.

        Something that is not understood by certain people here is that the former long term employees of the company had a relationship that is rarely seen today. They, not Fort Worth, were the ones who made RS the success that it once was. They were the ones who often opened early and stayed late, off the clock. They were the ones who knew a wealth of information regarding everything from resistors to hard drives to the proper type of battery for a watch.

        Few people are aware of how many items this company actually sells and the time it takes to truly learn the inventory and how different things in the stores are used and can relate to one another. To many a former manager these stories were like a second home or a wife. It was their lives and they gave it everything they had. To leave with honor is one thing but to leave with a boot print on your back and insults of how you are no longer of any value is another. I don't blame these people for their attitudes at all. They were right and the current management style over the last 7 years or so has destroyed the company.

    • What will you do with your life at that point?? Start a 'fired rsh employees' chat room to reminisce?? You formers are obvious and pathetic.. true losers...