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  • booyahbuster booyahbuster Dec 20, 2012 5:15 PM Flag



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    • Well, RSH sells the I pad, I pod, and the I phone. Is that enough "cool" stuff to get young people in the doors?

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      • Not any more. Might have been quite a few years ago when they couldn't get them.

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      • The problem is that they rarely have them in stock in the store so that the customer can actually walk out with them. Take a GOOD look at the website and see what's actually offered INSTORE and IF it's available near you at all.

      • And the stores RARELY have them in stock so that you can actually walk out with them. You've got to order from on-line.

      • yea....they want to come in for an out of stock iphone5 for 200 bucks..or they can go to walmart wireless and pay 127 or best buy and pay 149. .....the next time I buy a carr and he offers it to me for 20 grans I am tellin him now way...i want to pay 25 grand or no deal.......thats rsh logic baby

      • lynngeoc, how many RS stores actually stock these three items on a permanent basis? Maybe 30%, if that. For a customer to walk in looking for a product and then being told that the store doesn't have any but can order the item online is a guaranteed customer who won't be back. Best Buy and WalMart stores all carry these IN their stores. Radio Shack designates certain stores to stock the items in limited quantity and then the other stores in the area are suppose to send the customer over or tell them it can be shipped over and picked up the next day or so. That doesn't cut it in today's world. To add insult to injury the poor sale associate is then suppose to waste the customer's time pushing some overpriced accessories for these iProducts that the customer wanted but can't get at the store.

    • Posting in all caps is like wearing a sign that says "Ignore me because I am stupid and refuse to follow proper etiquette". It is typically seen in people, men, who are in their late 50s or older and who never really got into computers, the Internet, and cool electronics until fairly late. People who think cool is having a land line phone you can carry around the house. Or go into Radio Shack looking for a cool Walkman and then get mad when told that no one, except totally uncool people, plays music that way any longer.

      Cool people don't use the word cool. It really dates you in a seriously negative way. Cool people don't care you went to Woodstock or had a hippie VW bus. And they most definitely do not go to Radio Shack unless it is with their grandfather to humor him. And the word cool? The word is now sick or bad meaning just the opposite. Can you dig that? Right on! Power to the people. Up against the wall MF. Heavy. Trippy. Too much.

    • No, he's right,, all the cool products are at radioshack but if you want all the hot stuff you'll need to go to best buy, walmart or amazon,,

    • Man you really dated yourself.......are you like 80 cause Radio Shack........Have you ever seen a teen there? They would rather go to a rummage sale with G-ma

    • Maybe people that were teens in the 80's.

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      • I once had a customer come in that wasn't a teen in the 80s but probably in his 20s or so. He hands me an immaculate instruction booklet for a Optimus dual cassette player/recorder that he bought then and tells me he needs one of the rubber bands that helped turn the reels around. Obviously, we didn't carry that so I told him I would check online. No dice.

        The guy went ballistic and started yelling about how Radio Shack HAD to carry the item since they sold the recorder. It was their OBLIGATION to stock the parts. Forever. I tired to explain, in a calm and slightly humorous way, that cassette players like that had been obsolete for decades. No matter. He just got madder and madder. Next he demanded to know the number of the regional manager to make a complaint. Then the number of corporate. As he leered at me with his best tough guy face he said, "You don't know who you are talking to. I get results." OK, what could I say? "How about we check to see if your phone is due for an upgrade and you can use that as a great storage device for music and pictures and so much more?" He stormed out. Some teens never grow up.