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  • orlando3333444 orlando3333444 Jan 2, 2013 12:17 PM Flag

    Radio Shack CEO giving insight Q4 will be horrible

    First let me say the longs..gamblers here who do zero research will find this info a hit upside the head. This info was easily obtained by 5 mins of searching. Lets get started,

    Comments from the Q3 earnings release about Q4 guidance.

    And then finally, let me make a few comments on our near-term outlook and the fourth quarter. The fourth quarter started off slower than we would have liked, primarily due to the continued shorts of lot of the new iPhone 5 handset that I referred to earlier. And some of the same themes of the third quarter will play out here in Q4.

    Within our mobility business, this margin compression will continue in our postpaid business as well as a greater mix in smarphones. Specifically the iPhone 5, with the demand of this device continues to be in high supply and they're short at this time, but makes up a big chunk of the business across the whole iPhone devices.

    NOW.........We all know Walmart Wireless slashed iphone5 price to 127 and Best Buy down to 149. Radio Shack was not able to follow with any cuts. Imagine how these cuts are affecting the Shacks bottom line. I would fully expect an earnings warning for Q4 would shoud reult in a huge pps drop as the last warning netted.

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    • You have made your bear case over 375x... (you must be sync)..... you are into the psychotic relm... if you have shorted at $16, you have very little more to gain... rsh carrying cost for short shares is north of 12%... YOU CANNOT MAKE ANY MORE MONEY ON RSH!!!!! That is how I know you are a psychotic idiot....

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      • Man you sound like the most jealous person on planet earth. If you short the shack today and its cut in half ............. by the way is higher than any price target currently its a double.

        You sound like a cry baby on the floor throwing a tantrum. Dude......your just obsessed with this guys posts. As for the term "psychotic idiot" ..who on earth with info at hand goes long the shack.....really ? Only a psychotic idiot

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