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  • fdigiovannni01 fdigiovannni01 Feb 20, 2013 1:49 PM Flag

    Smart money taking profits before earnings

    The gamblers will roll the dice thinking Radio Shack is due for a beat ignoring all the facts that have dropped in the last 8 weeks.

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    • The phrase "WATCH AND LEARN" comes to mind

    • Fugedaboutit and your merry band of midgets... It's not always in the earnings but in this case the vision for the future... yeah we know earnings aren't going to be good.. u had sandy... u had to unwind target... it's what the future brings... really nothing about this qtr earnings.. yeah going to be lousy ok i said it.... do u feel better..

    • AHA! Somebody with a brain! I haven't been around here for a while, and I am really taken aback by all these hopelessly naive people that think RS is going to take them all to the moon. Well, at least when they arrive there will be plenty of room on which to build monuments to their own stupidity. God knows how much money they lost in just getting rid of Julian Day, their supposed savior. Three CEO's in the last year. Well, who's counting? Nine losing quarters in a row without a break? Probably just bad luck. Oh, I almost forgot. They're going to lose this one too. I have to see this happening to a place that had been my toy store since I was a kid, and I'm 60 now. But kids, I've got friends who work there. Friends just dying to talk to someone about how awful it is to work there anymore. I'm a therapist. People somehow sense it and just start talking to me. And a couple of them have shown me P&L statements. If you think RS is going to make you rich, guess again.

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      • I'm solid short too, but we should be accurate in our facts. Radio Shack has NOT had nine losing quarters in a row. They've had only three quarters showing a loss (2012 Calendar year, Q1, Q2, and Q3). They have had eight quarters in which they (essentially) have not exceeded analyst's projections. I'm expecting they will continue this trend with major loss reported on the 26th of Feb.

        2011 Q1: earnings $0.30 (-$0.05 miss to analysts projections)
        2011 Q2: earnings $0.23 (-$0.14 miss)
        2011 Q3: earnings $0.15 (-$0.20 miss)
        2011 Q4: earnings $0.12 (Beat the estimate by $0.002... not much, can we call this a draw?)
        2012 Q1: loss $0.08 (-$0.13 miss)
        2012 Q2: loss $0.21 (-$0.24 miss)
        2012 Q3: loss $0.33 (-$0.16 miss)
        2012 Q4: projection is a loss of $0.054 / share
        2013 Q1: projection is a loss of $0.055 / share
        2013 Q2: projection is a loss of $0.136 / share
        2013 Q3: projection is a loss of $0.209 / share
        2013 Q4: projection is a gain of $0.026 / share

        Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • I saw a beat up 98 Ford Windstar on the side of the road. Shack you big spender you want the guys number?