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  • fdigiovannni01 fdigiovannni01 Feb 28, 2013 3:55 PM Flag

    Radio Shack market SELL imbalance on close 209100 shares

    Look for a dump at the close money wants out NOW !!.....Hey where that magical CEO..........LOLOLOLOL

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    • He's working on that 100 day plan,

      Day 1, they will rediscover that the sell cell phones for about the 10th time
      Day 2 rearrange the stores
      Day 3 rearrange it again
      Day 4 threaten to fire all the employees for not selling even though the store are trashed form the resets and all the customers thought they were packing up for the closing of the stores,,, "again"

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      • How about turning into a mini Best Buy.....Have the largest selection of s-phones with the very latest (very important) ones available.....Make a special deal with MSFT to promote their products...Have a software section with all the best.......and keep all the electronic parts and expand into cool computer builder stuff (high end)...Get rid of all the cheap radio's, tv's, metal detectors and carry Bose....Basically carry high end products, top selling software, the best selection anywhere of s-phones and tablets and a few lap tops all with MSFT (their partner)...Keep all the phones under glass - it's looks classier, save of breakage and lets the saleperson better explain and deal with the customer....and have a good selection of computer parts for computer builders/gamers to buy....Top this all with a new marketing run including the new tag line "RADshack...Your personal device Superstore"....Make it the coolest, smartest and have the latest items in the market......Oh, Did I mention a MSFT partner....Any other dumb questions from you?

      • Like any CEO can do a darn thing about Walmart Wireless selling phones for nearly half of what hey do or Amazon beaing them to death.............He can do something about that how?

        Yawn...same ole same set of gamblers making me rich !