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  • charles_tandy charles_tandy Apr 28, 2013 8:24 PM Flag

    Its a darn shame what Radio Shack has become

    Some one with a few thousand dollars can start a kiosk in any mall in America and virtually sell the same things. Warren buffet has said over and over the best and longest lasting buisness are the ones with the largest barrier of entry. Radio Shacks current format has no such thing.

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    • A turnaround story that will be the envy of other retailers... BOOYYAAAA

    • You point out the obvious...a few grand and anyone can be selling china junk at the mall.. A once great American brand is nothing but a China-Mart...I do remember Buffets comment. He said that exact thing when he bought the railroad. How much cash do you need to start a rail road. I see every mexican-asian-russian-cuban-ect with these kiosks. When you get your green card you must get the Radio Shack store handbook. Problem is these guys seem to be able with lo to no overhead support their familys while RSH losses a million a day.

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      • Tandy bought radio shack for 300,000 and grew to a billion dollar corp, its really just about bare knuckle sales approach nothing more, something as simple as changing the color of the logo from red to silver ,gold or green can change customers to purchase more, its all about a great deal and service, its similar to having a 100 day plan to one of a 99 day plan or 101 plan, of course the 99 day plan is the best, you would rather pay .99 instead of 1.00 and 101 retail would you want that. Im staying with 4.53 pop all the numbers are leading to that

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