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  • m_totten m_totten Jul 3, 2013 3:03 PM Flag

    Why is bby so high?

    losing over $2/share and the profitability forecast for current quarter says even more losses. How can analysts say it is going to make $1.50 by year end? Ridiculous. At least the shack doesn't have to carry that square footage. Who buys cds or dvds anymore at bby? I remember that seemed to take up a big section of space.

    I think the hedges loaded up on rsh at $2 and are keeping a low expectation forecast on rsh so that they can build a huge short squeeze when the time comes. BBY seems set up for a big fall.

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    • The expectations are that their model has fundamentally shifted with the Samsung and Microsoft "store within a store" concepts. They will certainly get more margin as a result. Personally, I had thought it was conceivable that RSH might be a partner to someone like Samsung whose service really stinks if the truth be told and needs more boots on the ground but it went to Best Buy and it looks like the big box will survive and perhaps prosper.