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  • kens_syco kens_syco Jul 19, 2013 11:24 AM Flag

    Bad earnings on Tuesday could speed up RSH bankruptcy filing

    We already know its getting closer from leaking press reports. Bad earnings which are expected should seal the deal for no refi activity which is a nail in Radio Shacks coffin. Its only a matter of time before its suppliers put them on cash.

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    • Hi ken, Nice to read your posts, keeps me in accumulation mode. Even your own post is you said, bad earnings are expected. No way to underdeliver on those expectations. RadioShack actually does fill a necessary retail niche in this country and world, and they will survive. The brand has value and it isn't going to take much to return it to profitability....though another retailer may snap them up before that happens....lots of positive outcomes with several hundred percent of upside....yet you bet on only one possible unlikely outcome with a max gain of 100%....not the sharpest knife on the old Christmas tree are you? Cheers.

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      • You wrote

        " Even your own post is you said, bad earnings are expected"

        Bullish, The desperation has hit an all time high. Just like the ken/shacks poster who wanted it lower and lower as we sat at $4.25, was $2.18 low enough. I wonder the mind that thinks quarter after quarter of loss and shrinking same store sales is bullish. Well, I guess it is if your a short !

      • Nice friendly post with a grin. I really enjoyed it.
        Yes.............earnings are expected as they have been for years now. What you miss is the damage is cumulative. You are forgetting this and the other day BK scare that dropped this in three mins is all longs have to look forward to. Unlike you I invest the facts and do not gamble on the hopes and dreams like yourself.. I have always enjoyed posts like yours. They were amusung at $24..........entertaining at $11.........simply a hoot at $5 where there was oh such a fight as we lost the all those insitutional investors and now the newest group like yourself the gullable gamblers. As for "underdeliver on those expectations".....oh just watch and learn. Wait till we get those SSSN. It will be oh so entertaining. As well cannot wait to see what that glorious 820 mil in liquidity looks like.

        I have my popcorn ready.